Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

Information to Devotees & Visitors

This is a place of worship and kindly observe the rules appropriate to such a place.

Your safety and comfort is our primary concern while you are at the Temple premises.

Upon arrival:

  • Park your car without blocking the access ways to other car users.
  • For information and assistance, enquire at the reception
  • Do not leave your shoes in the entrance lobby. There are designated areas on the ground floor for shoes in the inner lobby adjacent to toilets. Remove your shoes before going to the POOJA HALL on the first floor.
  • Do not allow your children to wander about without supervision.
  • Help us to maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the premises by putting your litter in the designated bins. Leave the toilets in as clean a condition as you would wish to find it yourself.
  • Do not enter into unauthorised areas such as priests’ quarters, kitchen, offices and store rooms which are clearly sign posted.
  • Switch off your mobile phone before going to pooja Hall

In the Pooja Hall

  • Stand or be seated leaving the central aisle free for other devotees to walk up to the shrine or to observe the Pooja
  • Maintain silence in the prayer hall, particularly while proceedings are in progress. If you are with young children, try to keep them quiet. Other worshippers would really appreciate this as you yourself would.
  • Join in the Bhajan recital. Devotion counts more than your musical talent. If you have the talent, take the lead in singing.
  • Do not eat or drink in the Pooja Hall.
  • Do not touch any of the statues or other exhibits.
  • Do not use your mobile phone.
  • Attentively listen to any announcements which are made from time to time for your benefit and to ensure smooth running of the Temple activities.
  • After the pooja form an orderly queue to receive blessings from the priests.
  • Feel free to ask for information from the priests, volunteers or Temple staff.
  • After the Pooja, when ‘Prasadam’ is provided, please proceed to the designated place where arrangements are made for the distribution of ‘Prasadam’

Partaking of Prasadam

  • Form an orderly queue to receive Prasadam from the volunteers who are generally available to serve.
  • Be aware of the needs of the young children and elderly persons who might appreciate being led ahead in the queue.
  • On receiving the Prasadam, move away from the serving area to allow the other devotees to be served.
  • In the interest of general tidiness and hygiene, be careful not to spill any food or water on the floor or on the seats. Give special attention to children when they eat.
  • Make sure that you deposit the used plates and cups carefully in the waste bins which are provided at convenient locations.


  • Your safety is our prime consideration. As you can see, the temple construction project is still not complete. Therefore the site consists of areas that are somewhat hazardous and therefore unsuitable for children to play or to wander about. Please ensure that your children are always in the main circulation areas and are under your supervision at all times.
  • We need all the help we can get from each and every devotee in order to run the temple. Volunteer support is needed in the serving of food, assistance with normal activities and to be the marshals on special occasions Therefore, if you are able to give your time – however short that may be – please contact the office staff.
  • In addition to religious activities we have an ambitious programme to promote numerous cultural activities in the Temple premises. If you are able to contribute in any way, we will be delighted to hear from you.
  • We have a wealth of information about the Temple. Please ask the office staff.