Temple Tour

Temple Tour

Visitors are always welcome to the temple during normal opening hours. Guided tours are available by pre-booking through the temple office. At present, guiding is only available in English. The guided tour is free when guides are available.

The guided tours can take upto two hours and can be varied to suit the visitors’ needs and expectations. The tour consists of visiting the main temple, various shrines and the Faith Hills in the temple grounds. One is required to remove one’s shoes and place them in the designated areas before entering the prayer halls in the main temple and other shrines. During inclement weather conditions, one may feel some discomfort walking without shoes along the paved paths in open air.

Facilities such as ramps, lifts and wheelchairs are available for the physically impaired. The visitors are reminded that the temple is a place of spirituality and site is a no-smoking zone. Visitors are requested not to bring any alcohol or meat products to the temple site.

Car and coach parking space is available within the site. Light vegetarian refreshments can be provided by prior arrangement. Temple will gratefully accept any contribution or donation from visitors if they wish to do so.

Visitors are advised to note the opening hours from the Temple website before planning the visit.