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HOMAMS (Havans)


Ganapathy Homam:

Performing Ganapathy homam gives prosperity, health and wealth. This homam can be performed to get relief from any dosha also.

Skanda Homam (Lord Murugan):

This homam is performed to overcome your enemies, ensure success in all your pursuits, destroy evil forces and lead a happy and prosperous life.

Sudharshana Homam (Lord Vishnu):

Doing this homam is helps to take control of your enemies and to relieve one from any unexplained sufferings or worries. One can be empowered with positive vibes by performing this homam as well as helps stop unforeseen dangers and perils in your path to success.

Navagraha Homan:

Relieves from all sufferings and hitches in life; receive favourable outcomes in all your endeavours; and obtain blessings from all the nine planets for a successful life.

Mrityunjaya Homam (Lord Shiva):

The performance of Mrityunjaya Homam is to free all the pains and troubles caused by the Navagraha effects, cure diseases, prolong life and lead to good health and prosperity

Ayusha Homam:

This homam is usually performed on a child’s first birthday to improve health and have a long life full of happiness.

Durga Homam:

To bring success, abundance, peace, prosperity in life. It removes obstacle on the path of your success; prevent loss in business; bring financial stability and peace at home and workplace. Helps to protect from evil and miseries. It benefits those who are trying for a baby as well as help those suffering from illness. This homam can be done for better education; fulfilling your desires to get married and to improve family relations and Peace and harmony in the family.

Sri Sookta Homam (Devi Lakshmi):

It removes misfortunes that creates poverty. The homam brings Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity to your family and in your life. Sri Suktha Hoamam is very powerful Homa for eradicating personal or family's financial problems or even the financial problems of an Organization. It blesses with Good health too.

Purusha Sookta Homam (Lord MahaVishnu):

The purpose of this homam is to remove complications during pregnancy. This pooja is performed by those who are expecting for healthy and intelligent children and to remove negativity

(Other Homams are available upon request and availability of the priests).

Other Services


Namakaranam : (Naming Ceremony):

Namkaran is the traditional Hindu Indian practice of naming the baby child. This ceremony is held at home or in a temple where the father of the child whispers the name in the child's right ear usually after 2 or 3 weeks of the child's birth


Anna Praasanam: (Child's first rice feed):

A ceremony in which cooked rice is fed to the babies for the first time amidst chanting of special mantras to give the children good physical, vital and mental health through out their life time.

Vidyaarambham : (Beginning of Education):

A ceremony done around the age of four, before the children are initiated in to full time education on Vijayadasami day which follows the Navarathri celebrations. Children sit in their parents lap and write the alphabets over rice grains amidst chanting of special mantras praying to Goddess Saraswathi who is responsible for providing knowledge and wisdom.

Punyavachanam :

A purification ceremony which is usually done before starting any Vedic ritual to purify the place where the ritual is being done. It is also done in an individual’s house by the temple priest following a week after child birth and 14 days after the death of a person.

Tarpanam : (Thithi)

Tharpanam is a ceremony which is done two times in a month on the New moon day and on the first day of the month in the Hindu calendar. Usually done by male devotees to remember about our ancestors. It is preferably done at the individual’s house by the temple priest. Srartham is a similar ceremony done once a year on the same day of the Hindu calendar when the individual’s parents passed away.

Atma Shanti / Moksha Archana (Thithi):

This pooja done for atma shanti for your departed paternal and maternal near and dear ones. It is a ritual for expressing one's respectful feelings for the ancestors with devotion. It relieves the sufferings of your departed dear ones. Delighting ancestors before God is promoting or enhancing well-being. Pitra Kriya is richer in significance or implication than Dev Kriya.

Blessing New Car :

Devotees who want their car to be blessed by God does this puja by putting fresh lemon underneath the car tyres and pray to god, so as to drive their car safely during its life time.

Hair Cutting Ceremony : (MUNDAN / Kesha Kandana)

Children have their head shaved for the first time and the hair is offered to God because the underlying theme is the hair which grows inside the womb belongs to God.

Seemantham :

A ceremony in which pregnant women pray for the wellbeing of the growing foetus. It involves extensive rituals including chanting of Vedic hymns, Homam and pouring of the water purified by the mantras over the pregnant women. It is believed that the foetus by listening to the Vedic hymns gains knowledge needed to prosper when it grows up in the future .


Upanayanam :

This means sacred thread wearing ceremony for male children from the age of seven. This ceremony is supposed to be like a second birth for the children in whom they are asked to pursue a meaningful life to understand the purpose of life by chanting Gayathri Mantra regularly. Chanting of Gayathri Mantra is supposed to enlighten them and give them the knowledge and wisdom required to fulfil their duties of life.

Gruha Pravesham Homam :

(Ganapathi, Navagraha and Lakshmi)

This ceremony is done by a temple priest at a new home before moving in so that the vibrations of the mantras chanted stay in the vicinity of the home. Special prayers are done by devotees to invoke divine blessing to their new home. Some devotees also perform Sathyanarayana Pooja for Gruha Pravesham.