School visits


A lovely visit, very welcoming and thoughtful. Refreshments a big plus.

-Galton Valley Primary, Smethwick

Our year 8 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their Multicultural day and felt that your temple was certainly one of the highlights. They also commented on how interesting it was to observe real Hindus participating in prayer and worship, and felt it our experience of religion more realistic. We particularly liked listening to our guide. The children liked listening to his humorous stories. He clearly had a wealth of knowledge.

- King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham

We really enjoyed it. The guide was excellent

- Oakham Primary School, Oldbury

We received a great welcome

- St. Thomas More School Catholic Primary, Birmingham

The guide was brilliant. Best visit till date.

- Lyndon School, Solihull

Thank you for letting us visit your temple. We really enjoyed looking at all the gods, especially when the priest said a little prayer for us. Eating the Indian food was extremely lucky. My favourite two gods were Ganesha and Hanuman.I was very lucky to come to the temple and also had the time of my life.

- Pippa, Student of Stafford Preparatory School, Stafford

Thank you for letting us visit your temple. I enjoyed seeing the priests praying to the gods. The poppadums and the yoghurt rice was scrumptious.

- Martha, Student of Stafford Preparatory School, Stafford


The Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple UK welcomes everyone; in return we request that everyone respects others, the Temple and its grounds. Visitors to the Temple and grounds do so entirely at their own risk. The Temple management and volunteer guides do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to property or persons.

The following notes set out our standards for ensuring that groups visiting receive the level of supervision necessary for their safety and for a valuable learning and hopefully spiritually uplifting experience.

The discipline and the behaviour of the pupils are the responsibility of the teacher, assistants or organisers, not the site wardens.

It is advisable to book a minimum of 6 weeks in advance, as the Temple is very popular for educational visits and we have limited availability during certain times of the year, particularly Easter to end of July and September to early November.


Although we appreciate that this may cause inconvenience to the group concerned, our guides will cancel, curtail or alter agreed activities under any of the following circumstances at their discretion:

  • Inclement weather, makes the activity unsuitable, e.g. heavy snow
  • The behaviour of a pupil or pupils is endangering themselves or others.
  • Not enough adult supervision is available.
  • Other circumstances beyond the management or guides control.

If a school or group wishes to cancel a minimum of 24 hours notice is requested.


It is the responsibility of the School or Organisation to provide first aid kit(s), and qualified first-aider(s) appropriate to the size of the group(s). It is the responsibility of the teacher or leader or child's guardian to carry and administer any medication that may be required.


Schools and groups are responsible for completing their own independent risk assessments and conducting any site visit that may be required prior to the group’s outing.


It is the responsibility of the School/Organiser to ensure that children have suitable, respectful clothing, it is not necessary for girls to have their heir covered.


We are fully accessible, we welcome everyone and we will endeavour to tailor a visit to suit individual requirements.


Parking is free and is near the main Temple Reception.


The Temple does not charge for guided tours or educational visits. Donations are welcome however, and will directly contribute towards the cost of maintaining and conserving the site for everyone to enjoy now and in the future.

For enquiries and further details or to discuss your group’s requirements please contact The Temple Office 0121 544 2256. We are only too happy to help.


Shoes: The removal of shoes is only necessary to enter the main shrine area, you Guide will inform you of where to leave shoes. By removing shoes the main Shrine area is kept clean and crucially the individual is symbolically leaving the world behind because he/she desires to be in the presence of God.
Gifts: You are welcome to bring fruit or flowers – the guide will help you offer these correctly. This is not a requirement.
Clothing: We advise everyone to dress smartly, girls should understand that seating may be limited and therefore they may be required to sit on the floor.
Blessing: You are welcome to take parasadam (blessed food), or receive a blessing – please ask guide
Guides: The Temple guides are trained and supported volunteers however mistakes can be made and we request that you accept our apologies caused in advanced.
Toilets: The Toilets are fully accessible and maintained regularly; we request everyone to wash their hands well and help to keep the area clean and tidy.
Lunch: Some schools and groups choose to bring lunch and consume this on Temple grounds, we welcome and seek to support this, however the Temple has a policy of no meat, alcohol or smoking – please respect this.
Silence: The Temple and grounds are used for variety of reasons; some times the Office and receptions are busy and therefore noisy. However, the shrine areas are sacred please maintain silence, an exception is when a Guide ask for questions which we welcome.
Enjoyment: Our hope is that your visit is fun and everyone feels a sense of joy, laughter in particular children is a blessing, so relax our guide is available to help.
Learning: The Hindu religion encourages people and devotees to be on life long journey of learning, questions are keys to unlock knowledge and therefore the Guides will seek to respond fully and frankly to questions raised.