Summer Camp -2020


The Balaji Temple is the fertile ground on which the Balaji youth as saplings grew steadily and who have the roots of an ancient heritage and had the fine manure of inspirational and spiritual education in their residential camps. We are certain that the Balaji Youth will blossom out in colourful flowers with a spiritual fragrance, ripening to produce fruits of achievers and role models as we view the present Balaji youths as our potential leaders who will successfully retain the ancient values and culture of the Hindus.

The summer camp, as the name suggests occurs every year during the school summer holidays. The youth resides in the Temple for  the duration of the camp during which they are ensured an enriching, uplifting and fun-filled week learning about the Hindu Religion that is guaranteed to make them come back very year! Thought-provoking lectures from learned and International speakers and discussions during the day are followed by energising sport, soul-fulfilling sewa and bhajan sessions! Followed by evening workshops.

The Youth camp ends with a cultural programme where parents are invited to see the Balaji Youth performance in plays, dance, music and much more.

You can also download the application form and drop it off at the temple office.

  • What do our campers think:
    “Balaji Youth Camp 2012 was a memorable year for me, as it was the 25th anniversary of the camp. It was my 4th time at the camp in 2012. I had made a lot of new friends at camp some of whom I saw for the first time and some of them I already knew from previous years. When I found out that it was Balaji Youth Camps 25th anniversary I was extremely excited as I knew that there were going to be big celebrations. I thought the whole camp was brilliantly organised when we had the celebrations. But that year I had 11+ exams so it was crucial time but camp made me happy, the camp made me feel comfortable and relaxed. So camp was like my 1 week break from preparing for exams. I feel at home whenever I'm at camp.

    Interesting lectures based on the stories from Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and Mahatma Gandhi were discussed. All these lectures increased my knowledge of Indian culture and heritage. The camp also catered to the physical fitness of the campus by organising sporting activities such as football and cricket. I very much enjoyed the delicious food that was served everyday to all of us at the camp. I cannot thank enough all the volunteers young or old who gave up their time to look after all our needs and make us feel comfortable.

    The last day of the camp, cultural programme was organized. Some of us were part of the acts being performed. I found all the acts entertaining. I felt really sad at the end of this day because I knew it was the end of an exciting week at camp and I hope to see some of my friends next year. I would definitely recommend this camp to all children so that they have this wonderful experience of a life time. I cannot wait for the next year and what it will hold for me”!!!- Vishal Puligari, age 11

    “My personal favorite memories amongst many include the cultural programme in which we performed ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ as a group of 14 musicians” The Indian sports we played in the evenings were unforgettable as were the ISKON Kirtans….. I feel very lucky to have been given the rare opportunity to be Camp leader”.
    Vickram Raviraj
    Leader 2013

    “You will learn new things about ancient Indian philosophies; spend time with the most brilliant speakers; the value of yoga & good night sleeps. But most importantly, you will learn something about yourself. The week at the Camp will bring you into contact with some of the brilliant minds. These are people with incredible life experiences and very knowledgeable. Use the pearls of wisdom that they share with you to make yourself better in all aspects of life”. - Pulkit Mukesh Sharma
    - Ex- Camper

    The Balaji youth camp occurs every summer. For the ages of 6-21. We have in house volunteers who will look after our campers
    For further information please contact the Temple Office.