Message from the temple

Regular visitors to the temple will not have failed to notice the year on year
changes in the temple. Since laying the foundation in 1997,
there have been many notable milestones in the development of the
temple complex. These notable milestones include the construction
of shrines, pratisthapana of new deities, adding new facilities for
cultural and community activities, improving the amenities for the
visitors and devotees, renovation of existing infrastructure and
greater involvement of the temple in the multicultural activities. The
latest of these milestones are the extensions to Navagraha and
Shiva shrines to facilitate the installation of Swami Ayyappan and
Shirdi Sai Baba, renovation of the Lamp lighting area and the re installation
of Atma Lingam with improved facility for the devotees
and the creation of children’s play area. Next milestone to start soon
is the new Yagashala. Plans are being drawn for a 'Temple of
Peace' with facilities for meditation and to teach and practice Yoga.
Some of the projects which had to be consigned to the back burner
in the past are being brought to the forefront.
Last year, nearly 7000 students from schools and colleges visited
the temple to learn about Hinduism and the numbers are increasing
every year. Our temple also features in the cultural tour itinerary by
one major tour operator in Germany. We desperately need ‘Faith
Guides’ who can spare a few hours a month during week days. For
anyone interested in becoming one of our 'Faith Guides', the training
facility is available and the Temple Office will be delighted to hear
from you.
We are often asked “When will the project be complete?” Perhaps
the honest response would be “It is for our future generation to
consider. We are on the way to becoming a major Hindu spiritual
centre and we are yet to cross many important milestones.”