Winter Camp

The winter camp was a totally different experience compared to the summer camp, but this being in a very good way. Compared to summer camp, winter camp had much fewer people, helping us to develop closer links towards each other and allowing our confidence to grow.



The Winter Camp this year is going to take place at the Shri Venkateswara Balaji Temple. This year’s Winter Camp will be based around the theme of “Philosophy of Hinduism” and we hope to analyse and better understand the values that would traditionally be attributed to a Hindu. Through activities such as lectures, workshops and debates, we will also be asking questions of one another and our religion. Whilst the cultural aspect of Winter Camp remains, it will be a great chance for youths to meet their friends again and enjoy other activities like sports and Seva!


The cost for Winter Camp will be £50. This includes food and accommodation for the whole weekend as well as transport and any costs associated with our other activities.  We will meet at the temple at 18:00 on Friday for registration and pick up on Sunday will be 17:00. A more in-depth timetable detailing the entire weekend’s activities will be sent to campers once their places are confirmed. 


Packing List (Not an exhaustive list!) • Sleeping bag • Yoga Mat • Toiletries • Warm clothing for the weekend • Musical instruments (for Bhajans etc) 


To book your place, please fill in the attached booking and consent form. To hand in your form you can either deliver it to the temple office in person or email it to the following address: Payment will be accepted in cash at the temple, by card over the phone or by cheques made payable to Balaji Temple. Places are limited and only for children aged 14 and over. They will be available on a first come first served basis and will only be confirmed with receipt of payment. The deadline for forms is Friday 17th November, so please make sure you complete the form and payment before this!