Winter Camp 2018

The winter camp was a totally different experience compared to the summer camp, but this being in a very good way. Compared to summer camp, winter camp had much fewer people, helping us to develop closer links towards each other and allowing our confidence to grow.

 Booking And Consent Form Winter Camp 2018


Download the booking and Consent form for winter camp 2018 and please return by 7th December 2018

Daytime telephone number:
Parent’s email address:
Emergency contact Name:
Emergency contact number:
Details of medical conditions (if any):
Details of regular medication (if any):
Special Dietary Requirements/Allergies (if any):
Additional information that may be useful:
Do you consent to any emergency medical treatment necessary during the camp? Yes/ No
Do you consent to photographs of your son/daughter being taken at the camp to be used in temple publications? Yes / No
I hereby consent to my daughter/son taking part in the Balaji winter camp 2018. I understand that, whilst the adults in charge of the party will take all reasonable care if the children, they cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by son/ daughter arising in the camp.
Name (Printed): (Parent/Guardian)

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    To book your place, please fill in the attached booking and consent form. To hand in your form you can either deliver it to the temple office in person or email it to the following address: deadline for forms is Friday 7th December so please make sure you complete the form and payment before this!